We are not a registered charity. We are only a charitable organisation. But
please don't be put off by this.  ALL the money we receive goes on printing -
printing more magazines. 
Large charities and foundations are famous for spending about half of the money 
they get on admin, wages and other crap. That's a waste of money. The money
we receive goes to the printers and then directly to people on the street in
the form of magazines – end of story. 
We do not carry advertising in the pages of Nervemeter. We believe that remaining
independent from such constraints and producing content without compromise of any
sort will serve us better in the long run.
The first four issues of this magazine we have funded entirely ourselves.For the 
fifth and current issue we received about £800 in donations for which we are most
grateful, and the remaining cash we paid ourselves.
For the next issue we would love to print 10,000 copies. That would cost just under
£3,000.We can do it, with your help.
Please make a donation below - thanks.
The Nervemeter
A PDF of each issue can be downloaded below. Your comments or contributions are welcome info@nervemeter.co.uk

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Issue 5
The wealth issue includes poetry, fiction, quotation and screaming Satanic invective in an 
attempt to arraign capitalism, greed and inequality. You don't have to be sad to be militant, 
even though the thing you are fighting is abominable. Features a two-page 'Rent Strike' poster
and namechecks such bastions of corporate morality as Foxtons, Equitable Life and UBS.

Issue 4 

The vagrancy issue provides an assortment of views of this complex problem. Composed in part of
quotations, it considers the history of the law surrounding vagrancy and progresses towards   
a modern urban context. This issue also features articles by academics working in the field of 
criminality and social exclusion.

Issue 3
Issue 3 

The madness issue carries an interview with Antonin Artaud and overviews the work of SPK, 
Thomas Szasz and Terrence McKenna. An essay on art and insanity examines Goya,
Van Gogh and Artaud in the context of Michel Foucault's history of psychiatry. 
issue 2
Issue 2 

The London 2012 Olympics issue includes a comparison of the 2012 Olympic mega-event with 
the London riots of a year earlier; predictions about the future of disabled sport and the 
cyborgification of competitors; an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle chart; an interview with a 
Muslim fanatic.

issue 1
Issue 1 

This is the first printed issue. Here we explore 'alternative' employment
& money making schemes for those who may have had their benefits cut, including: prostitution, drug dealing, money laundering & begging. Also features an interview with a criminally insane stalker. 20/02/11
Special Issue/Polish

The first issue of Nervemeter was translated into Polish and sold by poor and homeless people on 
the streets of Wroclaw.



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