Nervemeter is an independent, not-for-profit magazine which is sold on the streets by the homeless.

We do not ask our vendors to purchase Nervemeter from us to sell at a profit. We give the magazines out for free. We ask for nothing back. All money stays with the vendors.

We carry no advertising. All content and design work is done for free. Each issue explores a different subject. The magazine's governing theme could be described as counterculture.

Our aim is to come out once per quarter if possible, and achieve print runs of between 10,000 and 20,000 copies at a time.

Nervemeter is dependent on donations and funding from outside. We are a charitable organisation, not an established, registered charity.

To assure potential donors that all their cash is being put to good use, we intend to make the Nervemeter organisation 100% transparent.

Established charities are not 100% transparent, although they should be.

To make our charitable organisation completely transparent, we intend to use a technology called 'blockchain', which provides an immutable and public record of all transactions.

We hope to establish Nervemeter on a public blockchain called Ethereum in the first quarter of 2016. This will allow anyone, anywhere to see exactly where every pound, dollar, bitcoin donated to us has been spent.

We hope this will help us provide a source of income for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.


Issue 1, Alternative employmentISSUE 1

The first issue of the Nervemeter explores alternative methods of employment and making ends meet in the face of Tory benefits cuts. Methods considered include: drug dealing, setting up an escort agency, grafting and begging, puppy farming. This issue was translated into Polish, as part of an art show, and 1000 issues were sold on the streets of Wroclaw by its homeless and destitute. 20/02/11.

Issue 1, Alternative employmentISSUE 2

The London 2012 Olympics issue includes a comparison of the 2012 Olympic mega-event with the London riots of a year earlier; predictions about the future of disabled sport and the cyborgification of competitors; an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle chart; an interview with a Muslim fanatic.

Issue 1, Alternative employmentISSUE 3

The madness issue carries an interview with Antonin Artaud and overviews the work of SPK, Thomas Szasz and Terrence McKenna. An essay on art and insanity examines Goya, Van Gogh and Artaud in the context of Michel Foucault's history of psychiatry.

Issue 1, Alternative employmentISSUE 4

The vagrancy issue provides an assortment of views of this complex problem. Composed in part of quotations, it considers the history of the law surrounding vagrancy and progresses towards a modern urban context. This issue also features articles by academics working in the field of criminality and social exclusion..

Issue 2, Alternative employmentISSUE 5

The wealth issue includes poetry, fiction, quotation and screaming Satanic invective in an attempt to arraign capitalism, greed and inequality. You don't have to be sad to be militant, even though the thing you are fighting is abominable. Features a two-page 'Rent Strike' poster and namechecks such bastions of corporate morality as Foxtons, Equitable Life and UBS.

Issue 1, Alternative employmentISSUE 6

The latest edition of the Nervemeter considers the problem of addiction. Composed entirely of quotations, it includes a wide range of sources, from the likes of Aleister Crowley to nineteenth century exerts from the temperance movement, through to recent work on pharmacology and theories about addiction within the biosciences

Issue 1, Alternative employmentISSUE 7

The 2014/15 edition is composed mainly of writings and artwork by homeless people and hostel-dwellers, most of whom have sold the magazine. It features exerts from the weird and wonderful Big Foot News, Little Jay's infamous prison diary, as well as contributions from regular vendors: Aidee, Aslan, Harry and Michael from Peckham. There's also best wishes from London Mayor Boris Johnson, and a letter from HRH Prince William, thanking us for a copy we sent to St James's Palace for his royal perusal.  

Issue 1, Alternative employmentISSUE 8

This edition tackles the difficult issue of child sexual abuse, a topic which has been riding high on news agendas in recent years. We sample quotation from a range of texts relating to child sex abuse, including some restricted material published by the Paedophile Information Exchange. Cover-ups connecting the likes of Kincora to the corridors of power in Westminster are explored in charts and infographics.

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